Arch: archaerhodopsin (light-driven proton pump)

Publication [Chow, B. Y.*, Han, X.*, Dobry, A. S., Qian, X., Chuong, A. S., Li, M., Henninger, M. A., Belfort, G. M., Lin, Y., Monahan, P. E., Boyden, E. S. (2010) High-performance genetically targetable optical neural silencing by light- driven proton pumps, Nature 463:98-102. (* co-first authors)]

Plasmids, plasmid maps, and plasmid preparation protocols available at [Addgene]

Viruses (AAV, lentivirus) available at [UNC vector core]

Viruses (AAV, lentivirus) available at [U. Penn vector core]

Transgenic mice (Cre-dependent) available at [
Jax] [Publication]

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